Crusader Kings II For Linux Gets a Huge Update on Steam

This new patch introduces a huge number of changes for the gameplay

Crusader Kings II, a game that challenges the player to lead a country during the Dark Ages, has received a new important patch, bringing a ton of changes.

Crusader Kings II might look like a turn-based strategy, but it's in fact a real time strategy that can be posed. It shares some features with Europa Universalis, but for all intended purposes it's a unique game.

According to the developers from Paradox Interactive, it explores one of the defining periods in world history in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and thrones.

Highlights of Crusader Kings II 1.09.1:

• A bug preventing some people from building new trade posts has been repaired;

• Fixed a bug where taking over the last duchy or higher title from a Merchant Republic could give you Patrician vassals;

• Blocked "Offer Vassalization" for one Merchant Republic vs another;

• Fixed a tooltip bug for the succession type in secondary kingdoms and empires held by Merchant Republics;

• When a regular lowborn Mayor forms a Merchant Republic, he should get a dynasty and become a Patrician;

• The Patricians in newly formed merchant republics now get some starting money;

• Fixed a bug with the "coastal_county_republic" CB that could make vassals of merchant republics independent;

• A cooldown has been added before the Seize Trade Post plot can be used on the same character again;

• A check has been added for negative fertility on either parent to prevent impregnation of or by celibate characters, eunuchs, etc;

• Fixed a bug where culture name lists with more than 100 entries would be cut off at 100 entries due to a low random number.

More details about the changes and about the game can be found on the official Steam Crusader Kings II website.

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