Crucial Releases Mac Pro Memory of up to 16 GB Capacity and 1866 MHz Speed

The new DDR3 modules have black heatsinks on both sides

Apple's Mac Pro workstations need memory like any other high-end computing system, which is why Crucial decided to release some RAM specifically for them.

Crucial didn't even bother giving them any sort of special name. It just made the things and sent them on their way. It's not like they're aiming for Anyone besides Apple after all.

The RAM modules have a clock of 1866 MHz (fastest ECC UDIMM and RDIMM speeds available at present) and a capacity of up to 16 GB. That's right, you're looking at some really mean hardware here.

Apple FinalCut Pro or Adobe Photoshop software will easily run at the same time on it, even in multiple instances. Multitasking at its best.

Finally, Crucial made the new memory without lead or halogens, ensuring environment friendliness as well.

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