CrossOver Linux 12.0 Is Available for Download, Supports Guild Wars 2

The new version is designed to interact better with GNOME 3 and Unity

CrossOver Linux, an application based on Wine which allows users to install popular Windows applications and PC games on a Linux computer, is now at version 12.0.

CrossOver Linux is making some great progress, at least in the last few months. It jumped from version 11.3 to version 12.0 and it comes with a fairly large list of changes and updates.

“This release also includes more than 5,000 individual changes to Wine, meaning there are numerous improvements in how your favorite applications will run under CrossOver. Applications with improved support include the Microsoft Office suite, various Quicken versions, and many of your favorite games,” stated the official announcement.

Highlights of CrossOver Linux 12.0:

• CrossOver Linux now installs a single desktop menu item, rather than a multitude of desktop menus. This means that the application will work better with environments such as GNOME 3 and Unity;

• CrossOver now has much better support for window transparency (layered windows) when a compositing window manager is available;

• Microsoft Office applications in the Office 2003 and Office 2007 suites will now behave properly when working with embedded pictures or graphics;

• Game launchers (such as that for Guild Wars 2, for example) which use color-keying to create transparent window areas will display properly rather than being drawn with black borders;

CrossOver Linux now officially supports the following applications: World of Tanks, Quicken 2013, .Net 4.0, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, and World of Warcraft.

The current release of CrossOver is based on Wine 1.5.15 and it comes bundled with the Wine-Mono package, an alternative implementation of the .Net API.

Check out the complete changelog for comprehensive list of updates and new features.

CrossOver Linux is capable of running a wide range of Windows software and games. To see if your favorite application works with CrossOver, please check What Runs section of the official website.

Download CrossOver Linux 12.0 trial right now from Softpedia.

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