Crooks Use Rogue Applications to Take Over Twitter Accounts

The shady apps spam followers with free iPhone scams

Sophos experts identified a number of rogue Twitter applications which take over accounts and start spamming other users.

When installed, applications such as Unfollow Monitor App, Who Unfollowed You, Tweet Statistics App, Tweet Info App, and Twit Stats App, request permission to make posts on the user’s behalf.

The main issue with these apps is that they make malicious posts, such as ones that advertise free iPhones and other shady “unfollowed” applications.

If you don’t trust my word, take advice from someone who knows what he’s talking about. For instance, Sophos Senior Technology Consultant Graham Cluley.

“If you were unfortunate enough to grant one of these rogue applications access to your Twitter account, revoke its rights immediately by going to the Twitter website, visiting the Settings/Apps option and revoking the offending application's rights,” Cluley recommends.

Note. My Twitter account has been erroneously suspended. While this is sorted out, you can contact me via my author profile.

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