Crooks Add Personal Touch to Southwest Airlines Ticket Scam

The bogus websites have already been visited 300,000 times

Would you click on a Facebook ad which says you can get 2 free Southwest Airline tickets? What about if the ad says one of your friends has already won?

GFI Labs experts have come across several Tumblr blogs that direct users to a bogus Southwest Airlines Facebook page. Here, internauts are instructed to install a Facebook app.

The app in question (already removed) published the bogus free ticket ads (see screenshot) on the victim’s timeline. However, unlike other similar applications, this one included the victim’s name in the post to make it more legitimate-looking.

According to GFI, the plot appears to be working, since the site hosting the “free tickets” was visited almost 300,000 times in the past couple of weeks.

Users are advised to avoid clicking on such links, even if they look legitimate. Always remember that scammers can come up with all sorts of clever tricks, so it’s best to treat everything that looks too good to be true with maximum suspicion.

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