Crocodile Ice Cream Actually Exists, You Can Get It in the Philippines

The ice cream is made with crocodile eggs provided by a local wildlife park

If there ever were such a thing as a perfectly good reason for foodies and deserts aficionados to drop everything and jump on a plane heading towards the Philippines, this piece of news might just be it: a restaurant in this part of the world is now selling crocodile ice cream.

Media reports say that the restaurant in question is located in Davao City. Its name is Sweet Spot, and it has only recently got into the business of making and marketing crocodile ice cream.

As strange as the idea of gulping down crocodile ice cream might sound, the folks at Sweet Spot reassure that their treat is surprisingly tasty and does not in the least taste like crocodile, Daily Mail informs.

On the contrary, it appears that this peculiar desert in the Philippines tastes just like regular ice cream and is only called crocodile ice cream because Sweet Spot uses eggs taken from such reptiles to make it, the same source details.

“Of course it is regular ice cream that doesn’t taste of crocodile meat,” owners Dino and Bianca Ramos have told the press in a recent interview. “It’s only the eggs we use. But they do make delicious ice cream,” they go on to explain.

Before conservationists jump off their seats looking to give Dino and Bianca a piece of their mind, it need be said that the crocodile eggs used to make this odd ice cream are not collected from the wild, but are provided by a local wildlife park.

Besides, the Davao Crocodile Park only lets Sweet Spot have the eggs that are surplus or that have failed to hatch. Thus, Dino and Bianca say that their ice cream does not in any way constitute a threat to the wild crocodile population.

By the looks of it, crocodile eggs contain much more yolk than the ones folks usually turn into omelettes or other tasty treats do. Specifically, yolk is said to account for 80% of their makeup. Hence, Dino and Bianca Ramos argue that their crocodile ice cream is quite healthy.

Despite the fact that it has only recently made its debut on the local food market, Sweet Spot's crocodile ice cream is surprisingly popular. Whether this is because it is as tasty as Dino and Bianca claim it to be or because folks in the Philippines like to shock their taste buds every once in a while remains a mystery.

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