Crocodile Attacks, Eats 7-Year-Old Girl in Australia

Human remains believed to be of the infant's were found in a croc's stomach

Human remains are found as a crocodile is shot down and cut open in Australia. The croc attacked one adult and one child on Friday, November 16, pulling the 7-year old girl with it.

According to the Sun, the incident occurred 210 miles (337 km) east of the city of Darwin, in Australia, as several people were swimming in a remote waterhole. A 10-foot (3-metre) saltwater crocodile was seen entering the natural pool and attacking a man, before dragging the little girl with it.

“Witnesses have told police that a crocodile attacked the male adult before pulling the girl under water. [...] The crocodile is estimated to be about 2-3 metres in length,” Senior Sergeant Shaun Gill explains.

An extensive search followed, performed by volunteers and police flown in for the rescue mission; nonetheless, the missing girl was not located.

On Saturday morning, officers tracked down a large crocodile, and put it down. An investigation of the contents of its stomach revealed the existence of human remains. Officials are yet to confirm that the bones and tissue belong to the missing girl.

“Further forensic testing will be conducted in Darwin to determine if the remains are human and if found human, the identity of the person.

“This is now a matter of investigation and a report will be prepared for the coroner,” Sergeant Gill says.

Officers that discovered the animal expressed their condolences to the girl's grieving family.

“Everyone involved in this search has been working under difficult conditions. [...] This is a heartbreaking outcome for the family and the community,” Gill states.

Saltwater crocs are a protected species in Australia, and for lack of previous sightings, no warning signs had been posted in the area. Police claim the waterhole was thought to be safe for swimming.

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