Cristiano Ronaldo Takes to Fighting Child Hunger and Obesity

The football star is the new Global Artist Ambassador for Save the Children

Cristiano Ronaldo is now the Global Artist Ambassador for Save the Children, and promises that he will see to it that progress is being made in terms making sure children born and raised in financially-challenged families no longer suffer from hunger.

As well as this, he wants to put an end to child obesity by encouraging those a tad thick around their waist to exercise more and embrace a healthier life style.

The football star's interest in making sure children around the world are healthy and well fed has a lot to do with his being a father, Look to the Stars reports.

“It is an honor to join Save the Children. I want to work with them to make sure that fewer parents will have to struggle with putting the right kinds of food on the table,” Cristiano Ronaldo said in one of his most recent interviews.

Furthermore, “I also want to encourage kids to get out there, get active and get fit.”

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