Crescent Zeuss Concept Phone Sports a Futuristic Design

Though powered by a quad-core processor with 2.5GB of RAM

Today’s mobile phones sport mostly the same square, candybar form factor, which makes them look a lot like one another, despite coming from different handset vendors and packing different hardware specifications.

However, the future might bring a change in this regard, and next-generation high-end devices could drop the current form and embrace a new one, similar to the design boasted by the Crescent Zeuss concept phone that can be seen in the photos attached to this post.

The device was conceived by Jonathan De Jesus and Crescent Mobile Technologies and sports a rather futuristic design, though it still packs features that can already be found in today’s devices.

The concept packs an impressively thin and sharp body, which has been rounded at the bottom, thus providing the phone with a new, unusual look.

The concept device sports a 1080p AMOLED touchscreen display, while packing 4G LTE connectivity capabilities inside, and a 12-megapixel photo snapper on the back.

A quad-core processor and 2.5GB of RAM would power this device, capable of providing increased performance capabilities, when paired with the so-called “Croissant OS” that has been loaded on it.

One thing that is certain about the Crescent Zeuss concept phone is that its futuristic outer design is complemented by similar apps and features, including a touch volume strip, the carbon fiber and aluminum body, finger scanning, or the voice control app packed inside it.

The phone’s camera sports manual focus and autofocus settings, along with auto-settings to ensure the best imaging experience possible.

On the back, the concept handset sports a secondary screen, where the status of the battery and other hardware is shown. The smartphone also packs Bose audio technology, along with a solar panel strip at the top and bottom, to charge it when needed.

Crescent Zeuss is merely a concept device for the time being, but it should not come too much as a surprise if the advancements in mobile technology turn it into a possible commercially available device in the coming years.


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