Creepy “Twilight” Doll Chuckesmee Video Emerges Online

Final part of “The Twilight Saga” included an animatronic doll for Bella and Edward’s baby

When the fifth and last installment in “The Twilight Saga,” “Breaking Dawn Part 2” came out, not few were those who wondered why it included a rather creepy-looking CGI child for Bella and Edward’s newborn baby Renesmee. As it turns out, things could have been much worse.

A video has emerged online, with a very eerie animatronic doll that was initially used for Renesmee. The thing was so super creepy that everyone even dubbed it Chuckesmee, a pun on Chucky the killer doll (and my personal worst nightmare) and the name of the baby.

Chuckesmee was so out of place that director Bill Condon eventually decided that they should not use it all. The lesser evil was going for the option of having actress Mackenzie Foy youngified through CGI, which was still creepy but not as creepy as the doll.

All things considered, Chuckesmee is the perfect belated Halloween present. She should get her own horror film because I’m sure fans of the genre would pay to see her. Throw in some vampire victims, and box office gross might just go through the roof.

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