Credit Card Details of 13 US Officials Leaked in Response to Barrett Brown’s Arrest

Hackers lash out at US authorities claiming to have published details on carding forums

Barrett Brown, journalist and self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesperson,  was arrested yesterday while chatting with other activists. In response to the arrest, AntiSec hacktivists - presumably those who leaked the Apple UDIDs – have published what they claim to be the details of a number of 13 US government officials.

Authorities raided Brown’s home while he was on TinyChat. The confrontation he had with the ones who took him in was recorded.

A few hours later, his name showed up on the website of Dallas county, Texas. His supporters learned that the FBI might have taken him from the Dallas Sheriff’s Office. As expected, his fans have come to the rescue.

“Welcome to another polemical, dirty, contradictory and lulzy release in the name of the pure visceral hate, revenge and lulz,” AntiSec hackers wrote.

They’ve made available the details of 13 individuals, including names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVNs. The hackers claim that the affected people are actually government officials.

Furthermore, they reveal that they “dropped” the credit card details of several other officials on various carding forums, black markets and “other underground places.” They also plan on releasing some of them to the public in an encrypted form.

“This data could be potentially and underteminatedly false as FBI could potentially claim, they also would be a potentially different set than those we released from Stratfor and they could just potentially bring an underterminate amount of lulz. But what the hell, you are free to try them if u want,” they wrote.

In the meantime, according to AnonPR, Barrett Brown should be released sometime after 2PM CST.

The charges brought against him are unknown, but we’ll probably find out what the accusations are once he’s released.

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