Create a Professional Business Directory

One script, multiple options is focused on developing the multi-purpose, powerful, full-featured and secure Business Directory script based on PHP scripting language and mySQL database as a backend.

phpMyDirectory is a professional, full-featured and simple tool to create fast, flexible and user-friendly Business Directory. It is self-administered and supports products and services, banners and logos. There is a built-in banner rotation system with complete statistics. phpMyDirectory can be the best choice for large and loaded Business Directories and also suits the requirements of small and medium Yellow Pages.

You can integrate phpMyDirectory Script into an existing site or create a standalone full-featured Business Directory Portal. This script can be installed, configured and easily translated into any language in just a few minutes without any knowledge of PHP or mySQL. It's a "must have" addition for every successful website.

You can use phpMyDirectory to create a variety of websites, with many purposes and different activities. For example, you can create a Professional Yellow Pages Directory (Standalone/Built-in) including company contact information, list of products and services with pictures (thumbnails), logo, banner, map and secure online user/administrator interface to change this information any time and have "up-to-date" database. Or, you can create a website for a real Estate Directory where you can store agents and realty offers with pictures and descriptions in countries/states and cities as categories and subcategories. Visitors are able to search for agents in their area or for definite realty offer in the offers database.

The automated install procedure allows you to perform a local or remote installation. Automated uploading and configuration also performs version checking for PHP and mySQL and reports errors if problems were detected. That's why you don't need any admin manual to upgrade or downgrade listings, everything being done automatically.

User interface includes fast, secure and user-friendly online business registration. Existing users can change their records completely, including current categories, contact information and password. Login is secure and is based on encrypted sessions. If you forget your username or password, you can retrieve it by email. All pages are documented and designed to be user-friendly with clean, intuitive interface.

If you want to offer paid membership, you will have to configure one or more payment gateways. You can choose from PayPal, 2CheckOut,, WorldPay, Check, Bank Deposit and SECPay. You can enable and configure the payment gateways from the Administration Panel-> Configuration-> Payment Processors.


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