Create Ebooks with Sigil 0.6.0

Sigil is one of the best open source Ebook editors

Sigil, an open source application that allows users to create ebooks using the EPUB 2 format, is now at version 0.6.0.

Sigil 0.6.0 can be used to format and package books into an EPUB that looks exactly the way users want, by using an advanced set of features to make it easier.

The most important modifications in the latest version of Sigil include stability updates. This means that all the known crashes from previous versions have been identified and fixed, making this a stable version.

Sigil will also try to correct common issues so that the files can be opened so the application no longer crashes. Splits and merges can now be done without potential data loss, and the cursor position is accurately updated.

The application is a lot faster than the previous versions, in all areas: opening and changing tabs, generating a TOC, merging files, bulk renaming, replacing text, and so on.

Highlights of Sigil 0.6.0:

• Searches are now saved. Users can now edit and group searches, run a group of searches, and quickly access searches using right-click in Find & Replace text boxes;

• Clips features has been implemented. Users can now store and easily access common text or styles;

• Users can now create an HTML Index by marking text or listing phrases to index;

• The TOC (table of contents) can be converted into an HTML page;

• Users can edit files externally just by opening the HTML, Image or Stylesheet files with an another application;

• A spell check function has been added;

• Users can now change Sigil's fonts and level of automatic source cleanup;

• It is now possible to validate CSS stylesheets;

• Headings now can be edited while using Generate TOC;

• Support in Code View for using the formatting buttons has been implemented.

A complete list of new features can be found in the official announcement.

Download Sigil 0.6.0 right now from Softpedia.

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