Crack Available to Install Windows Vista with Only 256MB RAM

But why would you want to do that?

Want to perform the impossible with Windows Vista and install the operating system on systems with only 256 MB of RAM? vista_nomem.exe is a patch that promises to deliver just that, enabling you to deploy Vista even if you only have 256 MB of memory. The question is why would you want to? Windows Vista crawls at 512MB RAM. Divide that by two and you get... an inoperable Windows Vista. And believe me, Vista has enough problems out of the box, you don't need to cause yourselves any additional headaches.

There is in fact only one Windows Vista that is designed to run on systems with very limited resources. Windows Vista Starter will run by default with 256MB of RAM, but this edition of the operating system will only be made available on emerging markets worldwide.

At a superficial look over the so called patch, it cracks winsetup.dll file in order to circumvent Windows Vista memory verifications. And in the end, it's not a patch but a crack. And there is no telling what else it does besides bypassing the memory limitations of Vista.

I could not track down a developer, and the product is not available at any official locations. Therefore, I will not provide you with a download. Also, I would label it as a security liability, another good reason not to download. The fact of the matter is that if you have only 256MB of RAM, stick with Windows XP. And if you really want Windows Vista, then simply upgrade your configuration.


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