Courtney Stodden’s “Reality” Video Premieres and It’s Every Bit as Trashy as You’d Expect

“Teen Bride” makes her music debut to appalling reviews

For quite a while now, Courtney Stodden has been struggling to make a career in showbiz happen for herself, beyond that of calling the paparazzi and posing for pictures in barely-there outfits. So, she turned to music.

Below is the official video for her first single, aptly called “Reality.”

*Please note that certain discretion is recommended when viewing it. Also bear in mind that it would be best for you if you didn’t watch it at all, because it’s every bit as trashy as you’d expect it to be.

Though the song is somewhat better than other similar attempts from other reality stars (Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag, here’s looking at you kiddo), the video ruins whatever chances Courtney might have had to actually put herself out there as a singer.

You simply can’t sign off on this and then not expect people to mock you. If she did, she’s even more delusional than she appears to be.

Check it out and let me know what you think: am I being too harsh or is this the trashiest “music video” you have ever seen?

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