Courtney Stodden’s Live Singing Debut Nixed

Reality star was scheduled to perform at gay club to launch her singing career

Ever since she shot to international fame as “Teen Bride,” Courtney Stodden has been struggling to get the world to listen to her promise that she was also a singer. This Thanksgiving was supposed to be her big break.

She was supposed to perform live at famous gay club The Abbey, E! News reports. It also says that the deal no longer stands and that, after all, Courtney won’t be making her live singing debut afterwards.

At least, not yet.

“Her management approached the Abbey but ultimately she just wasn't a fit,” a rep for The Abbey says.

The Stodden camp is singing a different tune, though.

“It was too much for the Abbey to handle, too much press and controversy. Courtney's not disappointed. She rolls with the punches,” Courtney’s mother and manager says.

For those of who hoping to catch Courtney live, fret not. Talent as hers (see the video above for reference) hardly goes by unnoticed for long. True story.

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