Courtney Stodden Wears Nothing but Cardboard Turkey Cutout, Poses for the Camera

The celebrity says she's trying to convince people to become vegetarians

In honor of Thanksgiving's day and hoping that more people would consider becoming vegetarians, Courtney Stodden decided to rid herself of all her clothes, hide behind a cardboard turkey cutout and smile for the camera.

Other pictures (like the one above) show her wearing one of PETA's “Eat No Turkey” T-shirts and playing with her dog, Dourtney.

For those unaware, the celebrity got the dog as a present from her much-older husband, Doug Hutchison, TooFab explains.

Truth be told, these pictures starring 18-year-old bride Courtney Stodden are likely to draw the general public's attention much more than PETA's letter to Obama or their gift basket for Mitt Romney did.

Still, I highly doubt that anyone will ever quit eating meat as a result of their being deeply touched by pictures such as this one.

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