Courtney Stodden Kicked Out of Couples Therapy House Because of Trashy Clothes

Dr. Jenn Berman warns her such skimpy outfits won’t be tolerated anymore

Courtney Stodden is still causing controversy on VH1’s reality show Couples Therapy, where she and her much older husband Doug Hutchison are getting “treatment” for some vague marital problems. On the latest episode, she was booted from the house.

Check out the video below to find out how that went down.

Dr. Jenn Berman told Courtney that she would no longer stand for her prancing around in clothes that revealed almost 90% of her body, so she had to cover up more for the next meeting.

Always the independent, strong woman (seriously, her words), Courtney says she’s being bullied and will never change herself just because someone tells her she must.

She even compares herself to Erin Brockovich and asks, did Erin change her style when she was told to? She didn’t!

Faced with the choice of dressing down (or more, depending on how you look at it) or getting out, Courtney opts for the latter.

Clearly, all this is staged, but it’s still funny – even if you only laugh to keep from bursting into tears.

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