Courtney Stodden Explains Trashy Style: I Feel Comfortable That Way

New clip from VH1 reality show offers a clue about her out of the ordinary style

Courtney Stodden may be young but, as it happens, she’s been around for a while, having first come to media attention when she married a man who was actually older than her father, actor Doug Hutchison. Youth is also the reason she serves as an excuse (explanation?) for her questionable fashion sense.

Stodden, also known in the press as “Teen Bride” (she’s just turned 18 and was still a minor when she tied the knot with Doug, aka “Dad, occasionally”), can now be seen on VH1’s Couples Therapy, where she’s reportedly seeking help for some yet specified marital issues.

A new promo for the latest episode has been released, tackling a question that must have been on people’s minds ever since she rose to fame (or infamy, depending whom you ask): why does she always dress so scantily and trashy?

According to Courtney, it’s not because she was molested as a child or anything of the kind. She just feels more comfortable that way, even though she and Doug are probably the only two people to think this is ok.

“I feel like I have a good body, I'm enjoying my youth now,” Courtney argues, before delivering the final, irrefutable argument: “It's not like I walk around naked.”


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