Courtney Stodden Documents Breast Augmentation Surgery for Reality Show

“Teen Bride” goes up from a C cup to a double D, says she’s thrilled with the results

Controversial “Teen Bride” Courtney Stodden has often said she never had any kind of work done on her body or face but, as of late, this is a claim she can’t make in good faith anymore because she just went from a C cup to a DD with breast augmentation.

As it happens, she also made sure her journey to a larger bosom has been documented on camera for her reality show.

The Daily Mail has footage.

The video opens with an explanation from Courtney, who says she’s been wearing padded Victoria’s Secret bras for a couple of years now, thus creating the illusion that she’s larger than she actually is.

For some time, though, she’s been considering getting implants to get to the size she appears to be, a double D.

After doing her research, Stodden and her much older husband Doug Hutchinson visit a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, who operates on her and afterwards boasts of creating perfection with her new breasts, as shown in the same video.

TMZ photographers also caught up with Courtney on her first night out after word of the surgery emerged online, as the vid embedded below will confirm.

She says that she’s wanted Barbie’s breasts since she was 12 and has spent years thinking about it and doing her research.

Without a doubt, she’s pleased with the results – as is her husband, no doubt.

In the same impromptu interview, Stodden talks about how her new figure will affect her gym routine and how she must take better care of what she eats for the next month or so, for the same reason.

Stodden rose to fame when she married Hutchinson, who is actually older by a few years than her dad, while still a minor. She’s managed by her mother, who gave her blessing for the marriage and is also shown by her side through her experience with breast augmentation surgery.

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