Court Lifts Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban

It appears that recent events involving irregularities with court filings have concluded with a preliminary lifting of the ban imposed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe.

By now, at least part of the worldwide consumer base would have learned that Apple and Samsung got into a fairly heated scuffle over supposed IP violation.

It started off with the former claiming that the latter copied the iPad when it developed the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

It continued with a ban in Australia and, not much time later, a similar block issued by a German court which, being in the EU, meant that the slate was no longer allowed to be sold in any European country save the Netherlands.

Samsung vowed to fight, however, and as it waited to file an appeal, another interesting tidbit was uncovered.

As spread to the masses via the Internet, the photos included by Apple's lawyers in the suit appear to have been modified to make the Galaxy Tab look more like the iPad than it is in reality.

More specifically, the photos had the Galaxy Tab changed to boast an aspect ratio of 1.46 instead of 1.36, leading to a width larger by about 8 percent.

The response of the legal system in Germany (though it was not precisely advertised as such) was swift and, as announced now by a certain report, a regional court in Dusseldorf has partially lifted the preliminary injunction.

Samsung is, now, allowed to again sell the Tab in Europe, at least until Samsung's Appeal, scheduled for August 25 (this month), comes around.

Ironically, there is one area where the Tab may still not sell, Germany itself, despite this newest ruling originating in that very country.

What remains is to wait and see how this whole fight over tablet design ideas concludes and if Samsung starts any class action of its own should it become victorious.

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