Court Attorney Fired Over Tweets About Former States Attorney General

The 2-year employee commented on the outcome of Phill Kline's case

Sarah Peterson Herr, who worked as a research attorney for a Kansas court of appeals judge, lost her job following remarks on the Kline trial.

She expressed her views on the Phill Kline ethics investigation, and was terminated from her position, ABC News informs.

An ethics investigation has been launched against the former Attorney general, with his license to practice law in the balance following charges he brought against Planned Parenthood, who he accused were performing illegal post-viability abortions.

Life Site News describes that Kline had charged the organization on 107 counts of performing illegal abortions and supplying false documentation to cover up said abortions.

In the midst of his ethics trial for misconduct, Peterson Herr tweeted that she believed he would be disbarred for seven years for his conduct.

"It’s over…sorry. I did like how the district court judges didn’t speak the entire time. Thanks for kicking out the SC Phil! [sic] Good call! […] I predict that he will be disbarred for a period not less than 7 years," she tweeted.

The same news organization notes that the court employee commented on Kline's demeanor and facial expression during his trial.

"Why is Phil Klein (sic) smiling? There is nothing to smile about, douchebag," she wrote.

She had been with Court of Appeals Judge Christel Marquardt since 2010, working in a research position since 2011.

Some believe the Kansas appeals court attorney is collateral damage in former Attorney General Phill Kline's case. Herr's actions made both parties anxious as to the court's ruling, which has not come in yet.

"Ms. Herr’s tweet implies that she has some kind of inside knowledge that the District Court judges will rule against Kline and what the ruling of the Court will be – all before oral arguments are heard. We wonder how she knows that. It is looking more and more like the fix is in," Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation, states.

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