Couple's ZIP Code Is Chosen as Their Wedding Date

Cheryl Bennett and Steven DeLong live in Amesbury, Massachusetts, ZIP code 01913

Cheryl Bennett and Steven DeLong of Massachusetts have decided that their wedding day will forever remind them of their roots.

As such, they have opted to get married on January 9, 2013, getting inspiration from the ZIP code of their address. Their hometown of Amesbury is listed with postal code 01913, Meridian Star writes.

45-year-old DeLong works as a mechanic, while 31-year-old Bennett is a receptionist in a clinic. They have both lived in Amesbury for the greater part of their lives, and feel as though their romance is connected to the small town.

“What better place and time to do it. […] People just pick dates all the time, so to have a date with such significance is really special,” Bennett explains.

She is a numerology enthusiast, and claims to have come up with the idea. Analyzing numbers has always brought her happiness, she says, telling reporters she picked out her husband in the same manner.

She knew she would marry DeLong after finding out his birth date is November 22, or 11/22. She knew it was fate because 22 is among her all-time favorite double-digit numbers.

“It’s not the way I planned for life to turn out but that’s the way it did, and it’s good. [...] Nothing was rushed, and the (wedding) date means so much because everything finally fell into place,” she adds.

The couple have been together for five years. However, there is no telling when they decided to wed and how much they had to wait until the 2013 date, living by the decision to only marry on January 9, 2013.

Only a few family and friends attended their wedding, which was meant to be small and last as little as possible. DeLong didn't want his now wife to catch a cold wearing her dress.

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