Couple Gets Fined for the “Crime” of Having a Garden

As it turns out, being a greenhead can end up costing you $500 (€381.5) a day

Not very long ago, Jason and Jennifer Helvenston from Orlando, Florida decided to embrace a greener lifestyle and began growing their own fruits and vegetables.

Speaking strictly from an environmental standpoint, their idea is nothing if not praiseworthy. However, it looks like when the city's officials started “speaking” about this garden, they did not do so from a green-oriented point of view.

Hence their making the couple pay a $500 (€381.5) daily fine, sources say. Apparently, Jason and Jennifer's garden lacks a “finished” appearance, meaning that it fails in abiding by the city's codes.

Neither Jason nor Jennifer can figure out why it is that they are not allowed to grow their own fruits and vegetables as they see fit, especially since their garden is not all that bad-looking anyway.

The two are now asking that other people follow in their footsteps and start planting various things in their yards as soon as possible. They hope that this will force Orlando's officials into changing the city's laws in favor of homegrown fruits and vegetables.

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