Couple Finds $11,000 (€8,300) on the Golden Gate Bridge, Returns It

They also recovered a camera and credit cards from an unattended bag

A couple from California has made the news for finding a bag full of cash and turning it over to law enforcement.

Carlos and Barbara Landeros of Vallejo traveled to San Francisco on Valentine's Day, and took a stroll on the Golden Gate Bridge.

According to NBC News, they made it to Vista Point, where they noticed a black camera bag left unattended.

As the area was crawling with visitors, the Landeros family waited for the rightful owner of the bag, while guarding it and keeping it safe.

"We wait about 45 minutes before we picked up the bag. […] Because we didn't know who it belongs to," Barbara Landeros recalls.

Noticing that nobody was returning for the bag, the couple finally decided to take a look inside, imagining they would come across some camera equipment.

They recovered photographic equipment, credit cards and an envelope full of cash. Judging by the large sum of money in the envelope, they imagined it came from shady dealings and panicked.

"I got nervous at first, it could be drug money. [...] I was scared," Barbara describes.

They took the camera bag to the San Francisco Hall Of Justice where the cash was counted, amounting to $11,060 (€8,300). They have been congratulated by the police department for their good deed.

"Good for you guys, I'm proud of you," the officer taking the report said.

He then traced the bag to a Chinese man traveling to San Francisco, who wished to be known only as "Mark." He was in charge of managing vacation money for several Chinese families.

"The officer give me everything, and he said, 'happy Valentine's Day,'" Mark describes. He thanked the couple by mailing a reward check.

"So my heart is rested now because the people got their money and their bag," Barbara adds.

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