Counter Strike: Source Arrives for Mac OS X

Valve uses the Steam platform to release the Mac version of the world’s most popular online action game

Following the successful launch of Portal and Team Fortress 2 for Mac, Valve committed to offering Mac gamers a taste of Counter Strike: Source. As it turned out, the developer did more than just offer a taste of the popular multiplayer shooter - it released the full game for Mac, and at a discount too. For two entire days, the game can be bought at 66% off the original price.

“The #1 online action game in the world, Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) has just received a major update and is now available for the Mac,” Valve announced via its website yesterday. “CSS is a SteamPlay title, so if you own it on the PC – you own it on the Mac. Besides PC Vs. Mac cross-platform play, this update also adds achievements, stats, engine updates and more,” the company enticed Mac gamers.

The CSS page over at lists a number of key features for Counter Strike: Source, which are described more broadly. According to Valve, “New match and lifetime player stats and summary screens give you insight into how you play. You can track your kills, your deaths, and compare yourself against other players. Learn your accuracy with each weapon so no more guessing where you should be spending your money.”

Weighing in on the achievements players can rack up in CSS, “Over 140 unique achievements have been added,” the video-game developer revealed. “The achievements cover everything from defusing bombs and winning pistol rounds to dominating your first foe. Can you kill 5 opponents with a blast of C4 to earn the ‘Clusterstruck’ achievement?” Valve added, further trying to inspire first-person-shooter fans to grab CSS.

A new Death Cam that shows players who killed them is also mentioned. According to the game’s creators, “The new domination and revenge system makes it personal.” Various Source Engine updates, bug fixes, and more have been added in the updated version of Counter Strike: Source, now available for Mac via Steam.

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