Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Patch Turns Chickens into Ghosts

Other improvements are also included in the update

A brand new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has just been released by developer Valve, once again adding new options to the Spectating system, a coaching system for the Community servers, and quite a few other improvements, including the transformation of the chickens from certain levels into ghosts.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received a variety of great updates in recent months, most of them designed to make spectating matches much more entertaining and easy.

The latest patch has just appeared online for the PC version, once again improving the spectator system while bringing quite a few other changes, like a coaching system.

Check out the big changelog below, via Steam.


- Spectating and dead players can now view a series of graphs displaying player/team statistics over time. Graphs are bound to lastinv (q, by default).

- Fixed Avatars being overly bright for the selected player.

- When a player is damaged, their outline is filled with a flashing red "damage amount" indicator.


- Adjusted the de_nuke B site particles a bit to make it sort correctly with smoke grenade smoke.



- Added experimental support for coaches, which are effectively permanently dead teammates. To enable, set sv_coaching_enabled 1. To coach a team, type either "coach t" or "coach ct."

- Added concommands mp_pause_match and mp_unpause_match which will flag the match to pause indefinitely during freeze time and cancel the pause, respectively.


- Added detection of the case when a client downloads the latest version of a game update and becomes unable to reconnect to their ongoing competitive match on an older game server version. Minimal competitive matchmaking cooldowns will be assigned in this case, and will not increment client's competitive offense level.

- Added server convar sv_force_transmit_players to allow networking player entities to all clients.

- Money of dead players will now more reliably network to teammates at round end instead of waiting until round restart.

- Fixed item icon cache retaining cached icons for items that you no longer own. Should reduce disk usage significantly for frequent traders.

- Fixed the death notice text sometimes getting truncated (and skipping the victim names).

- Fixed two hardcoded UI elements - they now properly use localized tokens.

The new patch weighs in at 16.8MB and will be automatically downloaded the next time you start Steam.

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