Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Patch Out Now on Steam, Fixes Many Issues

A brand new update is now available for the PC version of the game

Days after releasing the latest patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, developers Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment have now posted yet another update that fixes a variety of new issues that spawned from installing the last patch.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive managed to impress a lot of shooter fans since its release in August and the two studios behind it have released a variety of updates on the PC platform, via Steam, to solve the various glitches and bugs reported by users.

After a rather consistent patch earlier this week, a brand new update has just been released on Steam, fixing some of the new issues that popped up after Global Offensive players installed the previous one.

From decoys staying on the radar indefinitely, to various inconsistencies with the buy menu in regards to firepower and armor penetration ratings, plenty of things have been solved by the latest update.

Check out the actual contents of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch below, via Steam.

“- Added support for using '?' instead of ':' in the 'connect' console command so we can create URL links that connect to GOTV.

- Fixed case where walking on stairs generated footsteps on the client but not on the server.

- Fixed damage taken console report not reporting damage taken.

- The spectator UI player bars and the ammo panel will now show individual player kills for the round.

- In the buy menu, FIREPOWER now reflects raw weapon DAMAGE.

- The value for the 'rate' convar is no longer read from Steam registry settings.

- Fixed buy menu showing the wrong values for weapon armor penetration.

- Kick/bans for TK'ing and team damaging are now controlled by mp_autokick.

- Fixed part of the headshot particle effect drawing through walls.

- Fixed radar and overview showing enemy icons for decoys indefinitely.

- Number of GOTV viewers is now correctly calculated and networked through the chain of GOTV relays.

- Fixed hearing a headshot sound when an enemy is burning from your molly/incgren fire.”

The new update for Global Offensive will be automatically downloaded the next time your start Steam.

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