Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Updated, Has New Map Picker

Plenty of bug fixes are also included in the patch

Valve has just posted a brand new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive through which it fixes a variety of bugs while changing some core systems, like replacing the map carousel with a special picker.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive impressed online first-person shooter fans back in August by delivering a great experience that managed to combine the classic gameplay of Counter-Strike 1.6 with the new mechanics seen in Counter-Strike: Source.

Since its release this summer, Valve and developer Hidden Path Entertainment released all sorts of updates on the PC platform via Steam, with the most recent patch arriving earlier today on the digital distribution service.

The update brings all sorts of bugfixes to the game while altering the way how the map picker option works during matchmaking.

New elements have also been added to the de_nuke map, which now features things from Volcano's de_nuke_ve.

Check out the whole list of things included in the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch below, via Steam.


-Merged elements of Volcano's DE_NUKE_VE map into standard DE_NUKE.

-In the main menus, replaced mapgroup carousel with a map picker. Players can now select which maps they want to match-make into.

-Maps in map picker show expected wait time.

[ MISC ]

-Improved performance in CPU-bound cases.

-Fixed missing ladder sound when moving at full speed on ladders.

-Added support for muting microphone in play with friends lobby.

-Fixed cases where spectator UI wouldn't appear during GOTV demo playback.

-Fix for crash caused by extinguished fire.

-ESC key now closes Server Browser dialog.

-Made CHudMenu have input priority over Scaleform.

-Reduced default vgui font size for resolutions >1600.

-Whitelisted mp_match_restart_delay.

-Limiting physics timestep to 64 to eliminate high tickrate physics bugs, such as bouncing guns.

-Server no longer creates physics objects for players to reduce server cpu load. To re-enable, set cs_enable_player_physics_box to '1'.

The new update will be automatically applied to Global Offensive the next time your start Steam.

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