Could Windows 9's Flat and Revamped Desktop Look like This?

Old concept gets very close to the new design principles which could be adopted by Redmond

Microsoft is already working on Windows 9, and we know that because the company itself confirmed it at the WPC 2014, but up until now, no official details have been provided about what's to come in this operating system.

And still, we have already heard most likely hundreds of rumors pointing to Windows features, including a new one which says that Windows 9 could adopt a more flat look for the desktop, as well as a redesigned taskbar with options that would turn icons into mini live tiles.

In the last few hours, we've received messages from our readers pointing to the adjacent Windows concept, with many saying that it's getting really close to this new idea of a more flat design approach.

This concept isn't new and was posted by Dribbble member Phyek a few months ago, but if you really take a close look at its features, it's indeed one of the interpretations that seem to easily envision the flat desktop and the redesigned taskbar.

Of course, do not expect Windows 9's desktop to be entirely like this, but it's still a good point to start from, especially if Microsoft wants to make the operating system look a bit more appealing, but also enhance productivity when working on the desktop.

According to today's rumors, Windows 9's desktop could turn into a much more helpful working environment that would be not only more eye-candy, but also more productive, because it would include options to quickly view the running state of some specific apps and access settings on the go.

It appears that Cortana is also planned to debut in Windows 9, and the overhauled taskbar is very likely to play the key role in the relation between users and the personal assistant. Microsoft is expected to develop a way to launch Cortana from the taskbar, so the redesigned version would basically be at the core of everything in the new OS build.

If the information we have received in the last few days is correct, Windows 9 should see daylight in early 2015, as Microsoft is working at full speed to bring it to the market as soon as possible. Word is that two preview versions of Windows 9 could be launched before the stable build comes out, including a beta package in late 2015.

Microsoft should actually break the news on Windows 9 in the coming months, so do not expect WPC 2014 to bring anything new on the Windows front whatsoever.

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