Cougar Launches Case+PSU+Fan Giveaway, Releases White Cases

This is the closest thing to an early, double Christmas celebration

  Cougar's white Christmas
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Whether to evoke the feeling of pure snow or for an entirely unrelated reason, Cougar has released some tower PC cases colored completely white, although there is still some black on the front and the inside.

The high-end Cougar Volant and the mid-range Solution are the ones putting on their winter beards.

The more important news is about the giveaway though. By going to the Facebook page of the company (just “Like” the company to enter and follow the other steps), anyone can become eligible for one of the four prizes: bundles made of a case, one PSU and a fan.

Normally, the full hardware sets would amount to $1,200 each, or 922-1,200 Euro.

The “contest” is set to last until January 6, 2013, at which point the four lucky winners will be selected.

Cougar prize cases (5 Images)

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