Corsair Releases Light Bar Upgrade Kits for Dominator DDR3 Memory

Hardcore gamers who want lights on their RAM can get their wish

Corsair's Dominator series of DDR3 memory modules and kits is one of the most successful on the high-end market, and their buyers actually care about what they look like.

Because of that, there is real interest in LED decorations for the intricate heatsinks.

To give users the ability to add lights to their modules, Corsair has launched the Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit.

Two light bars can be installed on the heatspreaders, inside translucent inserts colored Cerulean Blue and Arctic White.

There are even openings at the top, to make sure most of the light shines upwards.

Corsair ships the Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit with an installation tool that enables the upgrade to be done in minutes.

For those interested in learning more, the product page has every bit of information.


Corsair Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit (3 Images)

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