Corsair Launches Entry-Level Power Supply Units

All of them are fairly low on the power scale, save one

There used to be a time when low-end PSU meant low-output PSU, but today it takes 80 Plus efficiency certification, a nice paint job and a strong wattage to qualify a power supply as high-end.

That is why the VS series from Corsair is getting advertised as an entry-level series even though two of its four members are fairly powerful.

Sure, the 350 W and 450 W PSUs are pretty basic, but the 550 W and 650 W models are no slouches.

Then again, there is no unusual cabling method (standard fixed cables here) and Corsair only tossed in the standard protection mechanisms against over/under voltage, as well as overload and short-circuit. Nothing more though.

The single +12 rail design and lone 6+2-pin PCI Express power connectors seal their status (the 550/600W models have two of each though).

The 350W, 450W, 550W and 650W Corsair VS PSUs ship for $40 / 30-40 Euro, $50 / 37.71-50 Euro, $60 / 45.35-60 Euro and $70 / 52.80-70 Euro, respectively.


Corsair VS PSUs (4 Images)

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