Corsair Buys Simple Audio Networking Company

The company expands its connected audio device portfolio

Corsair already has an extensive collection of audio products and technologies, just as it has many storage, PSUs and other PC-related products.

More knowledge never really hurts though, so the company decided to buy a company with technology that can complement its own.

Said company, as it turns out, is Simple Audio, based across the ocean from Corsair's headquarters.

While Corsair is stationed in the US, Simple Audio is in Scotland.

But we digress. The buyout will cost several million dollars/euro and will benefit the one being bought as well, since its reach will be extended globally. Customer exchanges always do that.

Simple Audio makes music streaming products that use local area networks and the Internet.

Now Corsair just needs to buy a motherboard maker and become a GPU add-in-card partner and it will have all it needs for a purely Corsair PC.

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