Corrupt Apple Store Employees Confess to Fraud, Harassment, Discrimination

Staffers all across the world report illegal activities behind the Genius bars

Apple’s perfectionism is slowly dying, according to a number of crooked employees who decided to step forward and confess to the atrocities that occur in the storage rooms, closets and service bars at some of the world’s most iconic retail locations.

Interviewed via email and Skype, the corrupt employees were from the Southeast, Tennessee, California, Massachusetts, Canada, Maryland, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and the UK.

Not all of their stories were shared by Gizmodo, but a good part of them was. And it’s not looking pretty for the company headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.

For example, the tech site learned that store staffers like to destroy iPads and iPhones in the back of the store just for fun.

Many of them do drugs and some of the managers harass employees, especially female staffers.

The techies at Apple’s retail outlets are not to be trusted, says one person who decided to reveal some of the bad stuff that happens behind the shiny Genius counter.

Girls bringing in their damaged iPhones or iPads should seriously consider erasing their camera roll before handing the device over to a technician, according to an ex staffer.

Discrimination is also something that happens on a regular basis at some stores, according to a Texan tipster.

“When an attractive Customer comes in the store with a ‘non-working’ iPhone [the] majority of our managers would step up to the plate and help out. Doing anything possible to change the face of the customer. Even a 3-4 year old iPhone out of warranty would be a ‘free’ replacement repair,” this person said.

“Most of the time the manager/genius would grab the customers [sic] phone, grab the model (even upgrade if they were feeling frisky) and then replace it without any paper work [sic].”

And some Geniuses are actually growing small fortunes by charging as much as $500 to replace iPhones outside the store.

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