Corpse Flower: World's Largest and Smelliest Flower Blooms

This Titan Arum specimen is housed at a botanical garden in Melbourne

A botanical garden in Melbourne is now being visited by hundreds of people whose sole purpose is that of catching a glimpse (and a sniff) of the world's largest and smelliest flower.

As its nickname (i.e. the Corpse Flower) suggests, this flower smells like a rotting piece of meat, which supposedly helps attract pollinators.

The Titan Arum started blooming on Christmas Day, around 3 p.m., and the reason for which people are rushing in to see it is that is only takes about 72 hours before its scent begins to fade away and the flower closes, sources report.

This plant is indigenous to the Sumatran forests, and for the time being, it is listed as an endangered species. The main threat it has to face is the destruction of its natural habitat as a result of logging.

“It’s great for the public to have this opportunity to see just how amazing this plant is and gain an appreciation of nature and the work being done by botanic gardens around the world in conserving plants that are at risk in the wild,” stated the Director of Melbourne Gardens, Chris Cole.

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