Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Ready for CES 2013, As Are Optical Cables

A stronger glass for stronger tablets, laptops and phones

People are raised being told to take care of their belongings, and this goes for consumer electronics devices in particular, but Corning wants to make sure the danger of damage is as low as possible.

Those familiar with Corning's practices will have guessed by now that the company has created a new type of glass.

2012 was the year of Gorilla Glass 2, which was already quite resistant to scrapes, scratches and even moderate bashing, willing or otherwise.

Now, the company has announced Gorilla Glass 3, or at least promised that it would introduce the new type of glass during CES 2013.

Short for Consumer Electronics Show, the convention will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 8 to January 11 this year (2013). That's less than a week away.

Tablets, smartphones, notebooks, monitors and/or all-in-one PCs featuring Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection may or may not be revealed at the same time.

“This year at CES, Corning will demonstrate its industry leadership in specialty glass and fiber optic technologies with the introduction of two products designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of consumers’ favorite devices,” said Wendell P. Weeks, Corning chairman, chief executive officer, and president.

In addition to Gorilla Glass 3, Corning will launch optical cables with significantly longer range than copper-based cables.

In addition to personal devices, Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 and Optical Cables should greatly benefit the fields of education, entertainment, business, etc.

Rugged systems and gadgets used in hazardous industrial applications are potential beneficiaries as well.

On that note, James P. Clappin, president, Corning Glass Technologies, will hold a panel called “Disruptive Technologies Impacting the Future of Games and Video” at 11 a.m. PST on Tuesday, January 8.

Corning should release more product details then (endurance, screen elasticity if applicable, thickness, cost of manufacture, etc.).


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