Cork-Shaped Radio Revealed by Skrekkøgle

Whenever a song gets on your nerves, put a stopper on it

We've seen loads of audio products with strange design features, but Skrekkøgle might have won a special place in our hearts.

There's something intrinsically hilarious about corks. Maybe it's what the word sounds like, or what the object itself sounds like when someone is trying to stuff it down some hole or another, or to pull it out of a bottle.

Skrekkøgle is channeling the satisfaction of a successful cork handling for a very particular purpose: a fulfilling means of shutting off the radio.

Behold the Plugg. Rather than a yellow block of plastic, it is a radio that owners can stuff a cork in whenever they don't like whatever is on. It's basically a funny way of shutting it off.

The product isn't up for sale, but it should be easy enough to make, even without instructions. A 3D Printer should fashion the body easily enough, but the rest is for inventors to figure out.

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