Copy-Paste Solution Hits iPhone - Clippy

Copy-paste between Apple applications on the iPhone

One of the most craved-for functions on the iPhone – if not the most longed-for of all missing features – copy-paste is now available through a small Cydia app. Symbolically dubbed “Clippy,” the tool allows users to copy paste between iPhone applications, even through those have been downloaded via the App Store.

Via Modmyi, cash7c3 writes, “What is the #1 most important basic feature that the iPhone has been lacking since day one? Copy & Paste. Yes, it is more important than MMS; everyone would benefit from some nice copy/paste action (which is standard on nearly every other smartphone on the market). As of just a couple short hours ago the dream has come one step closer to reality with a Cydia app named Clippy.”

According to the poster, Clippy runs natively on the iPhone. Obviously, you will need a jailbrioken device to run it. Basically, you can copy-paste between stock iPhone applications like Mail, Safari, Notes, etc, and even App Store downloads. However, not all applications grabbed from the App Store are supported, cash7c3 claims. Also, you can only copy-paste when you are editing texts.

The tool is simple to use, but requires some extra actions when, for instance, trying to copy-paste emails.

“To use, you first need to be in the txt editor mode on the iPhone,” the user writes, posting imagery of the tool in action. “In this case, we're replying to an email. First drag the cursor over the text you want to copy, press the '.?123' button, and select copy. Next, move to whatever other app you'd like where you can edit text, press the '.?123' button again, and select paste,” he explains. To copy from an email text body, you must first hit reply, so you get a text editor.

If you decide to try Clippy out, tell us how it worked for you.

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