Cop Tases Chinese Woman Trying to Buy iPhones for Her Family – Video

Mrs. Li reportedly resisted arrest and is now facing criminal charges

A Chinese woman was temporarily incapacitated by the police last week as she was attempting to buy several iPhones from an Apple outlet in the Nashua mall, New Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Both the Apple store managers and Nashua police tried to tell the woman that she wasn’t allowed to buy more than two iPhones, but Xiaojie Li claimed she didn’t understand English.

The cops, for their part, didn’t understand Chinese, so they tased her. That’s pretty much the whole story as reported by WMUR News 9 (clip embedded below).

There seems to have been a big misunderstanding between the time the woman was told to leave the Apple Store and the cops’ arrival when tempers were lost and tasers were pulled out.

Nashua police says the officer who gave the woman the shakes has filled out a “use of force” report, which is not to be mistaken with “excessive use of force.”

Local police said the taser thing was part of their standard operating procedure, while Mrs. Li is facing charges for resisting arrest.

A court will hear Mrs. Li’s plea in January when, hopefully, this whole incident will get sorted out and the guilty parties will get the appropriate slap on the wrist.

Apple has instated a two-per-customer policy for iPhone 5 sales in some parts of the world as stock has been on the dry ever since the handset’s introduction in September.

The method allows Apple not only to control iPhone 5 distribution, but also to thwart scalpers’ attempts at selling the handset at inflated prices on the black market.

The iPhone 5 is yet to launch in China where Apple is actually including a free accessory inside the box – a $20 (€15) Lightning to Micro USB Adapter which enables users to charge and sync their iPhones using traditional Micro USB cables from other electronics.

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