Cooling Your Desk Chair (And Buttocks) Via USB

With The USB Seat Cooler

Do you spend quite a lot of time in your office chair, and sometimes, especially when it's quite hot and the air conditioning system isn't working very well, you feel like your posterior (or derriere, as you prefer it) is literally on fire? Well, it's clear that you're just one of the many people feeling this way, and that's why the Japanese from ITMedia have invented a very special device that lets you cool down, namely the USB Seat Cooler.

The device can be easily installed on just about any type of office chair and works by taking air from the surrounding environment via an intake fan and pumping it through towards a special type of cushion, installed on the chair. After a certain pressure is achieved in the cushion, the air is pushed out through a series of holes in its top side, thus creating a cooling effect for the person sitting on the chair.

The USB Seat Cooler measures 49 x 50.5 cm, and, as the name says it, is powered via a computer's USB port, through its special cable that measures 148 centimeters. It also features an On/Off control button, as well as the vital intake fan, which measures 14 x 18 cm. The USB Seat Cooler is priced at around 41 dollars, and could prove to be a great device, especially for those of us who really do feel a burning sensation after spending too much time on the chair.

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