Cooler Master Meets Summer with the Notepal LapAir

Summer may be a time of fun and games, and vacations, but computers don't really relish the season, especially laptops, which have to deal with heat as it is, although a certain invention from Cooler Master may solve at least part of that problem.

The thing about mobile computers is that, while they do have no issue working smoothly as they are, they can still be a bit too warm for users' taste.

This is not just because the hardware could do with less heat, but also because it can get uncomfortable to hold a scorching piece of technology on one's lap.

This problem can be compounded by the extra heat element that summer always brings, setting aside the fact that sunlight has the habit of destroying all screen visibility for most common portable PCs.

Fortunately, there are ways to both remove the discomfort as well as drive operational temperatures lower.

One of the solutions is embodied in what are today known as laptop cooling stands, which can either actively or passively chill notebooks.

Cooler Master has just presented something of this very sort, the device being called Notepal LapAir.

While not yet on sale, it should reach stores soon, especially considering that its official product page has already been set up on its maker's website.

The Notepal LapAir uses an 80 mm fan (1,650 RPM) to chill mobile personal computers with screen sizes of up to 17 inches. To handle those laptop sizes, it measures 430 x 316 x 56 mm.

The design is ergonomic, with a sponge mat on the back, an anti-slip rubber mat, grooves (for cable management) and a black coating.

Another benefit is that the shape allows one to place their notebook at an angle, making visibility better, whether they are at home, at work or traveling.

Finally, it weighs about 1.2 kilograms and can keep the fan running on just the power provided by the USB interface.

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