Cooler Master Has a Mouse for Sale Too

The Sentinel Advance 2 is accompanied by a special mousepad

While Mad Catz gets the grand prize for this week's MMO-related peripheral releases, Cooler Master is playing things smooth with the Sentinel Advance 2.

Then again, even if the shape isn't quite as “complex” as that of the Cyborg M.M.O.7, Cooler Master's mouse is still a gaming device.

Powered by the Avago 9800 laser sensor, it has high sensitivity and accuracy levels, even at lower than optimum DPI settings.

There is also mention of 128 KB of onboard memory, for storing and managing profiles and the color LEDs.

On-the-fly DPI adjustment is possible as well and even the weight of the item is modifiable (a modular weight management systems allows it).

Interested customers should look around the Internet to see if their favorite retailers have this thing for sale. The suggested price is $59.99, or 45.22 Euro.

A mousepad called RX-Pad should be available as well, for $19.99 / 15.07 Euro.


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