Cooler Ideal for Mini PCs Revealed by Thermalright

Made for ITX and HTPC computers, it is smaller, cooler and quieter than stock coolers

The very thin 140 mm Prolimatech fan could be adapted to work in small PCs with a bit of creativity, but Thermalright's AXP-100 doesn't need any tinkering, having been created for such things from the very start.

Measuring just 58 mm in thickness, or 2.28 inches, and that's including the TY-100 high performance PWM fan, the item is guaranteed to fit inside all but the thinnest cases in the world.

Some may not know it, but while there are some pre-configured HTPCs on sale, the DIY market (do-it-yourself) is just as healthy as the desktop DIY segment.

That means that there will be plenty of potential customers jumping at the chance to replace the louder and weaker stock cooler of CPUs with it.

It will even open doors for using stronger chips in HTPCs, when the normal coolers would be too large to fit.

Thermalright's AXP-100 has a fan speed of 900 to 2500 RPM, a noise level of 22 to 30 dBA, airflow of 16.05 to 44.57 CFM and six heatpipes (nickel plated). The price is $59.95 / 45.84 Euro.


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