CoolPAD 728 - The Dual Network (CDMA/GSM) Smartphone

The smartphone is designed to be compatible with five frequency bands on the CDMA and GSM networks

The world's first Windows CE smartphone that supports dual networks, CoolPAD 728, is now available. Late in December, the cellular provider China Unicom purchased the 150,000 units of the smartphone. The CECT Coolpad 728 is designed to be compatible with five frequency bands on the CDMA and GSM networks including the CDMA 800MHz, CDMA 1900MHz, GSM 900MHz, GSM 1800MHz and GSM 1900MHz.

Based on Qualcomm's MSM6050 chipset and Samsung's dual core S3C2410X ARM (266MHz) processor, the CoolPAD 728 enables the user to travel on the continents without the need to swap SIM cards or cellphones. In addition to supporting both the GSM and CDMA environments, the phone can take two calls simultaneously, one from each of the networks. Some of its features include MP3 support, Microsoft Office support, Internet access, MSN & QQ Messenger and an English-Chinese dictionary with simultaneous pronunciation, 1.3-megapixel camera, a miniSD card slot which supports up to 1GB, and a main 2.8 inch TFT LCD with 240 x 320 resolution and 262k colors display.

CoolPAD 728 is the result of close cooperation between China Unicom, China Wireless Technology, Inc., a Hong Kong Listed Company, and CEC Telecom Co., Ltd. „We have achieved great success through our cooperation with PALM, MiTAC and Microsoft, in the field of smartphones. Through cooperation with these famous companies, we are able to continually improve our R&D capacities and expect more success in carrying out our established 'High-end Mobile Phone Strategy'," said Mr.Wu Zhi Yang, Chairman of CECT.

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