CoolIT Launches the Freezone Elite Liquid Cooler

Supports both AMD and Intel processors

In the wake of the launch of such products as Intel's six-core Core i7 chip, also known as the Gulftown, it is quite natural for hardware makers and PC vendors to make haste in releasing products meant to incorporate or be compatible with it.

The chip has, thus, already been included as an option for different gaming rigs from a variety of vendors and, combined with the Xeon 5600 chips, has surpassed 100,000 shipments. To further bolster the collection of accompanying products, CoolIT was revealed to have stealthily introduced its newest liquid cooling module, a Freezone Elite cooler.

While most CPU coolers are just meant to keep the chip from dying because of overheating, CoolIT has designed its product with the purpose of driving the CPU's temperature as low as possible. This will significantly increase stability on any system and, in enthusiast’s systems, will enable a higher potential for overclocking.

The Freezone Elite V2 is not the first of the company's water coolers to be named as such, but it is the latest and most advanced. It has a rather large 121 x 82 x 65 mm radiator made of aluminum, a nickel-plated copper waterblock and a 210 L/hour pump. This pump has a sound output of 15dBA. In addition, the cooling mechanism comes with a 120mm ball bearing fan, which has a rotary speed ranging between 1,100 and 2,500 RPM (rotations per minute).

In order to make sure that its product appeals to as many users as possible, CoolIT decided not to restrict its cooler to just one or two CPU models or just to CPUs from either Intel or AMD. The Freezone Elite V2 will be usable with Intel socket LGA 775 and LGA1366 CPUs, as well as AMD AM2, AM2+ and AM3 processors. The current price tag is of 339 Euro, the equivalent of £302.13 in the UK.

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