Controversial Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Ad Embraced by Viewers

People make too much fuss about everything, ad is awesome, people say

One of the most talked about ads ahead of the Super Bowl XLVII was, without a doubt, the “Get Happy” spot from Volkswagen that showed a white man doing a Jamaican accent. As much as critics tried to bash it, the ad was received warmly by the millions of people watching the game at home.

Above is the ad in full, in case you missed it the first time I covered it.

The ad was branded culturally insensitive, offensive and even racist, but ABC News notes that reactions to it on Twitter were very positive.

People at home thought it was funny, smart and relatable.

Moreover, they did not understand what the fuss about it was in the first place, since there was nothing offensive about it.

Moreover, even Jamaica’s Tourism Minister thinks it’s “very creative” and “taps into the tremendous appeal that brand Jamaica and its hospitable people have globally,” the aforementioned media outlet underlines.

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