Consumerization Poses a Great Challenge from a Security Standpoint – Video

Norman continues its "Inside Network Security" series with another interesting topic

Security solutions provider Norman ASA continues its “Inside Network Security” series. This time, however, the focus is not on protecting critical infrastructure, but on the challenges posed by the rapid evolution of technology and consumerization.

The expert that provides insight in the latest episode of the series is the CEO of a non-profit cybersecurity organization who has asked to remain anonymous because he fears that hackers would threaten his work if his identity became known.

He highlights the fact that now that everyone has become dependent on technology, content providers are trying to come up with novel ways of providing services to their customers. That’s why we start hearing of ISPs teaming up with content providers.

However, with the need for security, ISPs have also started partnering up with security solutions providers to ensure that the content they deliver is as secure as possible.

The other episodes are available on Norman’s YouTube channel.

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