Conspiracy Theory: Iran's Space Monkey Changed Its Looks While in Orbit

Before and after picture show the money dyed its hair, had its mole removed

A few days back, Iran went public with the news of its successfully launching a monkey in space, and safely returning it to earth.

Recent information on this topic says that the country's space program is so advanced, that the monkey even changed its looks while in orbit.

More precisely, as the before and after pictures above show, it dyed its hair darker and had one nasty-looking mole removed.

Seeing how the monkey allegedly embarked on this journey alone and lacks training as either a hair artist, or a plastic surgeon, many are now wondering how it managed to pull off this makeover.

Whereas some suspect that Iran has also managed in setting up beauty salons in space, yet chose to remain silent on this subject, others are nothing if not convinced that the launch never happened and that is was all one not-so-elaborated hoax.

Personally, I only have one question:

If one thinks they are witty enough to trick people into believing that they successfully sent a monkey in space and later returned it to earth, shouldn't one also use their supposed wits to make sure the monkey they show off before and after said launch is one and the same?

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