Conservationists Outraged by the Olsens' $55,000 Handbag

The “Trollsens” made the backpack from black patent leather taken from Nile crocodiles

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, have just introduced the general public to yet another line of whoppingly expensive handbags ($55,000 / €42,077) and animal rights activists are anything but happy.

This is because these 12 bags are made from black patent leather taken from Nile crocodiles. In other words, the “Trollsen” twins, as PETA calls them, once again succeeded in torturing and abusing animals, all for the sake of fashion (and financial gains).

Interestingly enough, British artist Damien Hirst, who worked with the girls on this fashion project says that part of the money they'll make by selling these limited edition bags is to be donated to UNICEF.

Still, this does little to ease the conservationists' hatred against Mary-Kate and Ashley, especially since the artist declined the invitation to state just how much money would be directed towards charity.

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